The Matty Ace Blog Introduction

Who am I?  A journalist and a writer.

My plan is to somehow make it to the top of the journalism food chain.  I always pictured myself being an NHL superstar, but that didn’t go as planned.  Right now I’m practicing my talents to get drafted.  Who knows, maybe in the first round to The New York Times or ESPN for instance.  But my goals don’t stop there.

First is to accomplish the opportunity to finish my Broadcast Journalism degree while juggling the newspaper, radio station, and a marketing minor.  Whatever opportunities I have along the way will be seized.  I’m fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to write for the Carolina Hurricanes at  A long-term goal accomplished so early in my career.

I’m 12 days away from turning 20-years-old and I know what I want to do with my life.  I want to have a career in doing what I love.  It started off as a hobby,  and guess what?  It’s my niche!

The purpose of this blog is to continue honing my craft and while practice doesn’t make perfect, it gets pretty damn close.  I like sports, music, and I have a drive to learn more about things I can write about.  I know I’ll write about sports, but maybe I’ll write about music, tech, entertainment, or my views on the world.  Welcome to mine and enjoy the journey with me.


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